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Hindustan Latex Limited

HLL’s major events in Contraceptive Marketing

Continuous innovation, value addition and introduction of a stream of new variants have enabled our company to rise above the competition.Some of the new products introduced include - the Spiral condom, the phosphorescent Glow condom, and the MOODS Get Closer Pack (a gift option that contains six variants of Condoms and Old Spice for the male, and a Female Condom and Jolen hair removing kit for the female partner).

A new addition in female controlled HIV / Pregnancy prevention concept - the Confidom Female Condom - the only female controlled barrier method in the world which is a lifestyle product, introduced in the commercial segment, after over two years of research and test marketing. HLL has entered into an agreement with the Female Health Company of the US to market this product, which is presently in use to over 70 countries.

Other new plans include the Vibrating Ring + Condom and the Three-in-One Condom (dotted-ribbed-form fitted).

Last year HLL installed over 11025 Condom Vending Machines across the country. These vending machines have received very good response. The Company plans to install another 10,000 Condom Vending Machines during this year.