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HILT Therapy Devices

HILT (High Intensity Laser Therapy) exploits a specific waveform that ensures readily available energy packets are transferred to damaged tissues without inducing tissue stress.
HILT Therapy is then ideal to treat in full safety deep muscle, tendon, and joint pathologies, being extremely effective in reducing inflammation, pain and oedema and grants excellent results already during the first treatment session.
If it is performed through pulses featuring a greater peak power it makes possible to transfer greater energy doses to the deeper layers: thanks to its action on cartilage is then unique to treat chronic-degenerative articular pathologies.
HILT’s pulse waveform is unique and patented and features high-energy pulses (J) and extremely high peak powers (kW) that nonetheless have a short duration (µs). This waveform entails very long intervals (ms) between one pulse and the next. Consequently, in addition to the Laser’s photochemical
effect, HILT Therapy gives us the chance to exploit the other therapeutic effects - photomechanical and photothermal - in full safety. The photomechanical effect, correlated with the peak power (kW), can be exploited to stimulate microcirculation and the lymphatic system directly.
The photothermal effect enables us to raise the tissue’s metabolic level. This is achieved in full safety thanks to HILT’s pulse characteristic waveform, which allows us to control the local heat increase caused by the high energy delivered.
The combination of these effects makes HILT Therapy unique to treat deep pathologies like chondropathies, tendinitis, synovitis, capsulitis, oedemas hematomas and also DJD (degenerative joint desease, like osteoarthritis).

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