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Gymna for Total Support: Combi 200L

Combi 200L
Electro, Ultrasound and Laser therapy in one unit.

The Gymna 200 series are designed for tabletop and portable use. Thanks to the large LCD display with backlight, the 200 series is super easy to use. With the push buttons you can switch directly to the main functions. This series is a MUST for every physiotherapist. In this series, we have introduced a new unit: the Combi 200L which is a complete combination and electro diagnostic unit.

Product features
•2 independent channels
•21 currents forms
•US with multi frequency head
•Pulsed IR Laser (904 nm)
•Conventional and sequential programs
•194 programs as Indication
•65 programs as Objectives
•Combination therapy
•Simultaneous therapy

For further information please contact:
Joke Bongers

Telefon:0032 (0)89 510.510