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Gray Surgical

Gray Surgical Set to Significantly Expand International Network

Gray Surgical has announced that it is plans to enter into a number of mutually beneficial agreements with selected new distributors throughout North America/Europe and Asia.

CEO of Gray Surgical, Mr. Michael C Duff recently stated that “We are looking to aggressively expand our international distributor network. We believe that we manufacture the best table mounted surgical retractors in the world. Therefore it is only logical that we want our products to be represented in every major market in the world.
There are many specialist surgeons in countries where we don’t have a presence yet that have not been able to experience the benefits of the patented features and ease of use of our products. We will definitely be bringing our product range to these markets very soon.”
Mr. Duff went on to say “It is important to select the right distributors for our products. We look for a well respected company in the medical distribution sector that has an extensive sales force with relevant experience in selling surgical instruments into an operating theatre environment. In return we offer an exclusive distributorship that provides extremely attractive margins for the right distributor. We also provide a full range of electronic marketing materials to promote our product range.”

Gray Surgical is keen to enter into negotiations with suitably qualified distributors of surgical instruments for the following regional markets:
1. North America
2. Russia (Moscow)
3. Spain/Portugal
4. Greece/Turkey
5. Austria/Switzerland
6. Netherlands
7. UAE/Saudi Arabia
8. Israel
9. Eastern Europe (Czech, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria)
10. South America
11. South Africa
12. East Asia
13. South East Asia

“Any interested parties are encouraged to contact me either directly at Medica or via the email address below” said Mr. Michael C Duff.
For further information please contact: