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Gray Surgical

Gray Surgical Launches Teflon Insulator

Gray Surgical has pleasure in launching the Gray Teflon Insulator as the newest addition to its growing product range of surgical instruments.

The Gray Teflon Insulator(patent pending) is a single use device for;

-protecting the patient from burns that may occur as a result of any electrical arcing from use of a diathermy during surgery


-preventing damage to the surgical drapes as a result of using a table mounted clamping device.

The Gray Teflon Insulator is used in conjunction with any of the Gray Surgical table mounted retractors or any other table clamp that is fastened to the OR table rail.

The insulator is folded over the drapes covering the operating table side rail.

The jaws of the table clamp are closed directly onto the Gray Teflon Insulator to protect both the patient and the surgical drapes.

Additional Gray Teflon Insulators can be purchased through your local distributor.

If your area is not represented by a distributor please contact Gray Surgical direct at: