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GlysBy Launched New Section Diagnostics for Life in July

GlysBy introduced in July at the AACC exhibition for the first time its new section, named Diagnostics for life, where specific lines or innovative products are introduced and extensively explained .
This section actually offers 2 catalogues :
c) Exclusive line : focused on single products having particular characteristics of innovation and quality, ideal for new markets development .
The catalogue gives the distributors all details on these items, providing any technical information, suggestions, leaflets to download for marketing survey.
d) Selected line : offering single products or specific product lines which we carefully selected for their winning quality/ price ratio, for the certification, for the guarantee of high level of manufacturing and supplying as well as customer service
We invite you to visit the catalogues, see the pictures and all details on these special products. For any additional information you may need, freely contact us.