German Exporters Take Special Interest on India -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

The two day meeting will take place on 12th and 13th of January 2005 at the German Federal Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Bonn. The GHE members representing 45 German companies dealing with medical technology will focuse their attention on the changing economic situation in India at the first GHE convention in 2005.

The member-firms of the German Healthcare Export Group have the opportunity to compare the experiences they made over the years dealing with the Indian market. To improve the communication between the member companies of the GHE, which are all very experienced in the international export business, has always been one of the basic aims of this German healthcare association.

The economic development in Eastern Europe will be the topic of a presentation held by Heiko Steinacher, bfai referee for Middle and Eastern Europe, with the focus on the German export business for medical equipment at this market.

Representatives of the German Office for Foreign Trade (bfai) such as Bernd Schaaf, leader of the bfai in the field of Asia and Hans Georg Kühnel, person in charge of branch-analysis, will give up-to-date news about the Asian market based on specified economic sector analyses.

The GHE group is an association of various German companies which focuse on exporting medical technology. 80% of all German exports in medical technology is achieved by all the members of the GHE group.; Source: German Healthcare Export Group