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George Karpati Honoured with "Prix du Québec"

Karpati is recognized internationally as one of the leading experts on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. He has made seminal contributions in the area of muscular dystrophy. He was the first to show the localization of dystrophin to the muscle fibre surface and to demonstrate a lack of dystrophin in the fibres of Duchenne patients. Karpati demonstrated pre-clinical success with adenovirus-mediated dystrophin gene replacement in mice.

His research covers a broad range of basic and clinical studies on neuromuscular and neurological disorders, utilizing a broad spectrum of technologies including clinical science, histology, cytochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Dr. Karpati’s team has succeeded in eradicating the most malignant of brain tumours, glioblastoma, in preclinical models paving the way to clinical trials.

Karpati is directing a large, CIHR-supported international consortium dedicated to molecular therapies of nervous system diseases. Karpati is one of 35 principal investigators in the Canadian Networks of Excellence dedicated to stem cell research focusing on adult liver-derived stem cells.

Karpati’s research over the years has resulted in approximately 250 original research papers and review articles published in major respected biomedical journals and numerous invited lectures and visiting professorships.; Source: McGill University