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GO patch: new strategy of back of neck’s stiffness treatment, quick and safe

GO patch : new strategy of back of neck’s stiffness treatment, quick and safe

The stiffness of the back of neck is a common pathology.

In acute phase, patients suffer severe local pain and a neck block. The medical treatment combines drugs and physiotherapy but the results need time to come and the evolution to chronicity is not rare.

In chronic stade, the clinical symptoms are complicated and there is always an under-diagnosis to quickly improv the situation
In our observations during many years until today, have been noted the following possible complications of back of neck’s chronic stiffness:
- The daily chronic headaches, about 12 -20% of western population suffer.
The economic consequences are very heavy (treatment costs, chronic absenteism, abuse of drugs,….)
- The loss of stability when walking, especially at elders.
It would be a cause of the loss of autonomy in elder population : grave consequence in western countries where the 65-elders would be over 25% of population in ten years
- The chronic tiredness that affects active professional poeple, main cause of poor/reduction of productive capacity.
- The exageration of anxiety, another cause of grave abuse of medicines

Aware of a common pathology the diagnosis is under-estimated and the medical treatment is difficult by the lack of acute action. Especially when it affects elders or active professional team, the economic consequences are more and more intolerable in western countries.

The medical team of IDT France designs a new i.patch called GO patch (stand up and GO).
GO patch is especially created to releive the stiffness of back of neck, calm down pain and avoid the evolution of the pathology to the redoutable chronicity with all grave consequences of Health and Economy as seen.

The use is simple and the efficiency is quick (20-40mn of daily treatment, recovering after about 2 week-treatment).
GO patch is a medical device fitting the 93/42/EEC european regulation and CE0434 certificate.
GO patch is an OTC medical device et can be used safety and easely by large public.

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