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German Healthcare Export Group e.V. (GHE e.V.)

GHE summer convention – Spotlight on Turkey

Photo: GHE's Plenum

BONN/DENZLINGEN. This year´s GHE-summer convention focussed on Turkey as an export country for medical products. After times of stagnation, import rates of medical technology have been on the increase for the past four years, in 2005 for example by 33 %.

The company Schölly invited all GHE-companies to Denzlingen, where the headquarters are located, in order to discuss chances and risks of this development. Nearly 90 % of all GHE-members cultivate commercial relations with Turkey which caused a lively discussion amongst the company representatives. Mr. Gücer from Möller-Wedel, a middle-size business focussing on OR-microscopes, reported on ten years of trade experience in Turkey. In his speech, Mr. Gücer described secure investment parameters, the combat of inflation and the privatisation of ailing state institutions as positive influences on the business environment. Werner Friedrich, former executive director at Siemens Medical Solutions, agreed with Mr. Gücer on the great chances Turkey offers to German companies. Future prospects assume that the market volume of 1.8 billion Dollar today will rise to 2.7 billion Dollar in 2012.

While focussing on the exchange of experiences in the afternoon, the morning had been reserved for the inviting company. Regula Schölly, CEO at Schölly Fiberoptic, welcomed the guests and presented the business to the audience. Afterwards, Dirk Barten (Director Sales) explained the company´s divisions in detail and after that, the GHE-members were surprised to see how much handcraft is needed to produce endoscopes while being on a tour throughout the building.

On the annual general meeting of the GHE, Markus Braun was re-elected first chairman, Ralf Schuster second chairman.

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