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German Healthcare Export Group e.V. (GHE e.V.)

GHE-member seca: Digital floor scale with mother-child function

Photo: seca 772

HAMBURG. With the seca 872 the GHE-member seca gmbh & co. kg., Hamburg, meets the requirements of two new target groups: health workers – working for aid organisations and departments of health – and general practitioners in countries where there is no obligatory calibration. As low-priced, multifunctional solution, the digital floor scale stands out for its flexibility.

The seca 872 is more than just a normal scale: The weight of babies and toddlers can be determined when they are held by mother or father, thanks to the mother/child function. At the touch of a button the already stored weight of the adult is deducted, leaving baby‘s weight on display. The seca 872 has a capacity of up to 200 kg/440 lbs. The scale weighs up to 50 kg/100 lbs with a 50 g/2 oz graduation, thereafter the weight calculation is in 100 g/4 oz steps.

Thanks to the easy handling, medical routine becomes an uncomplicated and speedy pleasure. Its small overall size and thus compact design make the seca 872 a practical aid when travelling. It is even easier to transport in the water-repellent transport case, which is included in delivery.

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