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Flight Stockings Lower Chances of Blood Clots

Compression stockings decrease
thrombosis high up in the sky
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The review examined the evidence that compression stockings can prevent deep vein thrombosis. Sometimes called “traveler’s thrombosis”. Compression stockings - made from elasticised material - provide graduated, gentle pressure and are designed to keep blood flowing properly. Lead researcher Mike Clarke, Ph.D., director of the United Kingdom Cochrane Centre, and his team uncovered strong evidence that flight stockings work. The review found that compression stockings reduce the risk of symptomless DVT to one to three cases per 1,000 long-haul passengers, down from ten to 30 cases per 1,000.

The Cochrane reviewers report results from nine studies that examined the effects on travelers who wore compression stockings during flights, lasting seven hours or more. Researchers used special equipment to look for symptomless thrombosis among the study participants. Some passengers were deemed to have a low-to-medium risk of thrombosis while others were higher-risk travelers.

The review gathers data for more than 2,800 passengers. About half of these travelers wore some type of compression stockings, the others did not. The researchers’ tests turned up symptomless blood clots in 50 people, just three of those passengers were in the compression stockings group. The other 47 travelers were in the no-stockings group.

The reviewers also found that the stocking-footed passengers reported much less discomfort and swelling in their legs, compared with the travelers who flew without flight stockings. The researchers stressed that it is not a must to wear them. But, if someone is scared about thrombosis when they take long flight, it would be reasonable to allay their anxiety.

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