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Facial Paralysis: Quick Improvement by Skeen Patch

Last year, at MEDICA 2004, the medical department of IDT France has communicated about the impressive improvment of wrinkles of facial skin by SKEEN patch in cosmetic application.
New photos of this application will be communicated in a coming news.

For your information, the innovative micro-electricity of SKEEN patch has been protected by an international patents (France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea) and SKEEN patch has obtained the free sales certificate from AFSSAPS (French Health Ministry) as medical devices that would be exported to worldwide markets.

During 2005, the medical team of IDT France is continuing the Reseach and Development of the micro-electricity from SKEEN patch and by the safety and efficiency of product to improve the quality of functionning of skin and underskin, a new application has been decided in medical field.

An essay of treatment against peripheric FACIAL PARALYSIS (FRIGORIFI FACIAL PARALYSIS) by SKEEN patch is being opened. This kind of paralysis has no active treatment until now. Their cause is also unknown. Patients suffered only wait and see. They would recover -fully or uncompletely- the mobility of facial muscles, their capacity of talking may be in 6 months or one year or more. But it is not rare to see patients with definitive facial paralysis. All of us can imagine their anxiety and their despair as there is no prognosis possible.

The first results of SKEEN patch treatment just came. They are encourageous and impressive by their strongess and rapidness. SKEEN patch needs only about 2 weeks to correct 80% of the facial paralysis and by these results, patients would recover quickly their normal life.

The merits of SKEEN patch is its simplicity, its reasonnable cost and its safety for patients suffered by FACIAL PARALYSIS complete or partial, definitive or temporarly. It seems that earliest treatment by SKEEN patch just after facial faralysis diagnosis is better.

The medical team of IDT France is aware that more clinical cases are necessary, but towards such encourageous results and towards a illness without treatment such as perepheric facial paralysis, we would like to share our experience with medical physicians over the word regarding to the peripheric facial paralysis for the benefits of their patients..
Please contact : VQ DANG, MD

For distribution of SKEEN patch in your countries, please contact :
Phuong Nguyen