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Aesku.Diagnostics GmbH

Easy automation in autoimmune diagnostics

AESKU.Diagnostics offers the largest panel of innovative ELISA tests for autoimmune diagnostics worldwide: the AESKULISA® product line.

At MEDICA 2006 AESKU.Diagnostics presents a completely new kit format for the whole AESKULISA® portfolio to make the daily laboratory routine as easy and efficient as possible.

The new and homogeneous incubation scheme of 30 – 30 – 30 min perfectly meets the requirements of any sort of automated system as it allows a more efficient and time-saving scheduling of various tests.

The temperature range of the tests has been increased to 32°C so that the additional heating of an automated system itself can easily be compensated.

The size and shape of the new vials for calibrators and controls has been designed especially to better fit directly into most automated systems. It is no longer necessary to decant calibrators and controls; the vials can be used directly out of the kit.