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Draeger Medical: One OR Light - Two Optical Systems

At this year's annual meeting of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) in Vienna, the company unveiled its latest solution to increase efficiency in the OR and improve working conditions. The company designed the Stella OR light in only two years and received two new patents related to both different lighting systems and their control.

Like a double star whose two stars are close together and as balls of gas change their brightness, Stella has two optical systems in a single body. They are joined on at an optical axis, each with its own lenses, filters and reflectors.

The system combines halogen and gas discharge technology. While the gas discharge lamp generates large-area, shadow-free illumination, the halogen lamp provides an additional high-contrast depth illumination. As a result, the system is able to evenly illuminate both the area surrounding the wound and deep into the situs, supporting stereoscopic vision and preventing bothersome shadows from occurring as much as possible.

Conditions for optimal color recognition are created by the identical color temperature of both light systems of 4200 Kelvin. Tissue layers are more easily distinguished from each another.

The new control design takes into account the demands of the individual surgeon by allowing the surgeon to set the optimal luminance by the constant, homogenous light cylinder (230 mm x 1300 mm) and to adjust the depth of illumination using a sterilizable handgrip centrally located on the body of the lamp. The Stella concept also accommodates the necessity to better separate sterile and non-sterile areas in order to optimize the efficiency of procedures and hygienic requirements before and during the operation.

Source: Editoral Office GHE/www.draeger.com

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