Dr. Dietrich Kaiser is the new head of DIMDI -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


DIMDI - Deutsches Institut für Med. Dokumentation und Information

Dr. Dietrich Kaiser is the new head of DIMDI

On August 18th 2006 State Secretary, Dr. Klaus Theo Schröder, of the Federal Ministry of Health inaugurated Dr. Dietrich Kaiser as the new head of DIMDI in Cologne, Germany. Dr. Kaiser has been in charge of DIMDI since Dr. Frank Warda, resigned in December 2005.

Dr. Kaiser worked in the Electronic Data Processing and Information Systems Department at DIMDI since 1986. He was appointed head of this department in February 2001. Four years later he became deputy director and was appointed acting head of DIMDI in
December 2005.

“As a recognised institute in Europe with expertise in high quality information technology, DIMDI received numerous new tasks of international importance over the last years. DIMDI applied successfully for European mandates”, the State Secretary of the Federal
Ministry of Health observed.

The maintenance and implementation of classifications, nomenclatures and thesauri establish a key element for the enhancement of the health care system, Schröder amplified. Health care is based on HTA-Reports (Health Technology Assessment) and modern health information systems. DIMDI should pursue this adopted course of direction.

The German Federal Ministry of Health continues to regard DIMDI as a centre of excellence in information technology and computerised support. DIMDI provides excellent service to related agencies (e.g. the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices and the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, the German authority for blood products and vaccines).

“Dr. Kaiser accepts an office that is a demanding challenge and holds great responsibility. We cannot announce an improvement of personal and financial basic conditions in the mean perspective”, Mr. Schröder said. “But DIMDI and its new head can be sure of governmental assistance to continue its successful work.”

“The challenge that DIMDI has to face now is to continue and enhance its work in line with the progress in health care. The resources will be the critical element in assigning priorities”, Dr. Kaiser outlines his future plans.

During his studies of physics and his graduation Dr. Kaiser already dealt with the development of information technology for astrophysics. Dr. Kaiser worked at DIMDI since 1986, first as system analyst in the work group “Software Development”. Increasingly he took on responsibility in planning and management of projects, several of them being promoted by the European Union with the involvement of international syndicates. In 1999 he became section leader for the Software Development, two years later he was in charge of the whole technical Department at DIMDI which is comprised of Databases, Software Development, Telecommunications, System Administration and Data Processing Centre.

Dr. Kaiser is going to implement his experience of many years for the optimisation of the existing proceedings and the creation of new products. One of the main focuses of Dr. Kaiser’s work will be the networking of all available medical information with user-friendly access facilities for the health care system, politics, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology industry, researchers, patients and