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Dräger Medical is generating revenues of over € 1 billion for the first time

This success story is also rooted in the constant pace of restructuring measures, which has allowed Dräger Medical to develop into a process-oriented global player. Key success factors include innovative products and services as well as the expansion of the sales and services network and the extension of the product range by way of acquisitions.

The ever growing significance of foreign business is reflected in fiscal year 2004 by the fact that 85 per cent of all equipment orders were generated outside of Germany (2003: 81 per cent).

The innovative strength of the subgroup was confirmed in fiscal year 2004 by 30 new patent applications, including a utility model, which were made in the name of Dräger Medical & Co. KGaA. In addition, 28 new patents were submitted for foreign patent offices, and international trademark applications were made for 12 new products.

At € 79.5 million, 7.8 perc ent of revenues, research and development expenses showed an 18 per cent increase year on year (2003: € 67 million), thus highlighting the subgroup's focus on the future.

Assuming an exchange rate of USD 1.28/€1, the forecast fiscal year 2005 is a 5 to 7 per cent rise in revenues and an above-average increase in earnings.

Source: Editoral Office GHE/www.draeger.com

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