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Divided Saddle Chair Seat Advantageous to Genital Health

It is estimated that over a half of Europe’s adult population suffers periodically or chronically from functional disorders or illnesses of the genital organs. Approximately 40 percent of the working age men have some kind of erectile dysfunctions.

One of the major reasons for these symptoms is sitting and its harmful effect on the circulation of blood in the pelvic area and legs.

When a person sits, the important lymphs, nerves and veins get squeezed between the pelvic bones (mainly the pubic bone and the thigh bone) and the chair. It is not difficult to imagine the huge amount of blood vessels and nerves that close up when the weight of the upper body squashes them as you sit on a chair.

The male anatomy is especially poorly suited for sitting. Men have a tendency of sitting with their pelvis tilted backwards. This unconscious habit relieves the pressure on the root of the penis, situated behind the testis. With the hip tilted backwards and the back rounded, sitting is advantageous to the genital organs, but at the same time it's harmful to the discs in the lower back. Sitting on a conventional chair does not allow you to tilt your pelvis forward, which would be beneficial for the discs. On the other hand, with the hip held straight a lot of pressure is applied on the male pudendal nerve, which has been proved
to cause impotence.

When using a divided, two-parted saddle chair the lower part of the penis (behind the testicles) no longer suffers from the same kind of compression as it does while using a traditional seat. Also the pressure to the pelvic outlet, its nerves and blood vessels is significantly decreased.

When it comes to women, tight pants combined with the use of sanitary pads and pantiliners increase the risk of infections. This is due to the inadequate ventilation of the area, which leads to the increase of temperature and humidity – gynaecologists noticed the phenomenon in the middle of the 1990’s when the use of pantiliners increased rapidly. Sitting on a saddle chair that has a gap in the middle of the seat decreases the probability of infections, since ventilation in the area is improved.

The divided saddle seat encourages both men and women to tilt their hip forward without any uncomfortable feeling of pressure on the genital area. This helps in maintaining a good lordosis, the natural curve of the back. In addition to this, loose, breathable clothes help in improving the circulation of blood to the lower extremities and the health of the pelvic area.

Riding-like sitting position and high-quality saddle chairs are known to have numerous beneficial effects on human physiology. The most obvious ones are the positive impacts on the health of the back, the knee and hip joints, deepened breathing and improved bowel movement. The connection between sexual health and sitting has, instead, not yet been fully understood. However, improved sexual health and function are important and intimate areas of life, which you can affect by making the right choices. It is now possible for health conscious people to choose physiologically more advantageous – and more profitable – sitting options on the basis of new information.

Veli-Jussi Jalkanen
Sitting ergonomics specialist

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