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Digital X-ray room on wheels

Siemens presents its first mobile X-ray system with integrated reader for computed radiography

Mobilett XP CR is the newest member of the successful Siemens Mobilett XP product family known for its superb image quality and high ease of use. As the first mobile X-ray system (CR), it includes an integrated CR reading technology. “By adding a reader, we are able to better meet customer needs," so Jochen Dick, head of the Special Systems Division at Siemens Medical Solutions. “The integrated CR reader provides significant economical advantages and improved workflow functions. “

Mobilett XP CR, the new mobile X-ray workstation, enables bedside imaging. The integrated monitor shows the results of the examination in less than 50 seconds for first image review in the hospital room. And images can be archived directly at the patient's bedside. Also, as compared to stationary X-ray systems, basic image processing steps such as changes in brightness and contrast as well as edge enhancement can be performed directly at the mobile system. Since these functions do not require separate devices, additional time savings are realized.

By using different-sized image cassettes, the physician is able to quickly display different anatomical regions. This means that the system masters demanding imaging tasks, for example, in surgery wards or neonatal departments. The cassettes can be used up to 10.000 times and are freely combinable with other X-ray systems. In emergency cases, the Mobilett XP CR can be used as the central CR reader for a ward.

The Mobilett XP CR shows high ease of use. It is easy to handle, compact and easy to maneuver. The system has a wide C-arm range that can be positioned for imaging in virtually any projection. The patient can be recumbent, sitting or in any other position. It is also possible to control the Mobilett XP CR via remote from a maximum distance of approximately 30 feet.

The mobile workstation is equipped with a chargeable accumulator. In case it should become fully discharged, the Mobilett XP CR saves the image data automatically and shuts down the system. All cables of the system are stored within, greatly facilitating system disinfections.

For small patients, a Mobilett XP CR designed as a giraffe is available, making examinations especially friendly for the little ones.

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