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Delphi Medical Systems Corporation

Delphi Medical Systems Showcases Ccontract Manufacturing Capabilities

Delphi offers high-tech, complex manufacturing facilities for worldwide customers

DÜSSELDORF, Germany - Whether a medical company wants to produce one dozen devices or 1000, Delphi Medical Systems’ contract manufacturing experts are ready to work with customers from all over the world.
With a focus on moderate-volume and high-complexity assemblies, Delphi’s world-class facilities serve varying industries in system integration, mechanical motion, fluidics, optics, printed circuit board assembly, prototyping and design, and custom test development.
In order to meet each customer’s unique needs, Delphi assigns a team of specialists to each project.
“We believe flexibility is our key to success in the contract manufacturing business,” said Dave Berge, managing director, Delphi Medical Systems. “We have some customers who bring us products ready to assemble and other customers who want us to design a project from scratch and go through design, testing and assembly. We can do both and do them well, thanks to an incredibly talented staff with many years of experience in the manufacturing field.”
One satisfied customer, Ophthonix Inc., can vouch for the excellent work done at Delphi Medical Systems. The San Diego, Calif.-based company named Delphi its 2006 Supplier of the Year.
“Delphi worked with us extensively on our highly complex Z-view Aberrometer, “said John Lemperle, vice president, operations, Ophthonix, Inc. “We were trying to create a product that revolutionized the eye-care industry. We think that with Delphi’s help in manufacturing this product, the Z-View does what no other machine has done before. From design to production, the Delphi Medical team was indispensable.”
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Contract manufacturing experts will be on hand to answer specific questions at the Delphi Medical Systems booth (E60, Hall 11) at the MEDICA trade show Nov. 14-18 and at the media briefing (Room 201, near North Entrance, South of Hall 8, North of Medica Business Center) on Nov. 16 at 14:30.

About Delphi Medical Systems:
Delphi Medical Systems is a world-class provider of technology, products, and product development and manufacturing for Dialysis, Infusion, Respiratory Care, Vital Signs Monitoring and Power Mobility. Its capabilities stem from Delphi's vast technology base, product development expertise and manufacturing excellence. Delphi Medical Systems, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC and is part of Delphi Product and Service Solutions. For more information about Delphi Medical Systems, visit