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Data Exchange in Medicine: Object Identifiers at DIMDI

DIMDI is the German registration authority for identification numbers of medical objects. From laboratory data and medical reports to technical equipment or producers of software for medical practices - whoever exchanges health information needs clear and standardised terms - normed object identifiers (OID).

The man-machine communication with its substantial technical vocabulary is only possible in medicine using precise nomenclature. OIDs are defined number strings for the identification of objects and communications. That is the way that health care institutions, documents or message types are clearly depicted.
DIMDI in Cologne as registration authority for OID provides the basic structure for the identification and administration of medical data objects.

Networking Medical Knowledge
At the same time DIMDI is also responsible for a further component of telemedicine in Germany. The first German translation of the LOINC Users Manual (Logical Observation Identifiers of Names and Codes) is now available. DIMDI coordinated the work in cooperation with scientists under the leadership of Dr. Manfred Criegee Rieck from the University of Erlangen.
The manual offers information for the users of this nomenclature, which is the basis for the standardised electronic exchange of medical data, e.g. from laboratory and research findings, between medical practices, laboratories and hospitals.

LOINC is a pragmatic system of technical terms for the unique documentation of most diverse analyses. Originally created by the Regenstrief Institute (USA) for the coding of laboratory data; it was extended to clinical and medical-technical investigations in the last ten years of its existence. In collaboration with the German LOINC User Group and Health Level Seven, HL7 Germany, DIMDI actively promotes the introduction of LOINC, acts as central data manager and supports information exchange with the responsible national and international institutes, project groups and the industry.

DIMDI, a long-year specialist for medical classifications, nomenclatures and thesauri, provides basic components concerning telematics in health service on its internet pages (eHealth). Besides OID and LOINC, Alpha-ID is also used for the more accurate naming of medical terms.

• OID define medical objects for the standardised data exchange in the health system.
• LOINC is a special nomenclature used especially for the coding of information in the laboratory area.
• Alpha-ID facilitates coding diseases and diagnoses. Medical terms can be processed electronically in combination with the ICD-10-GM. The stability and maintenance of the code at DIMDI secure its inter-operability.

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DIMDI Cologne (German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information) provides all fields of public health with a top quality information supply, including 70 databases, on the internet.
DIMDI is publisher of the German versions of the Medical Classifications, such as the ICD-10, ICF, the procedure classification OPS-301, MeSH and UMDNS. DIMDI also developed the information systems on drugs, medical devices and Health Technology Assessment (HTA).