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DRG Instruments GmbH

DRG Acquires Novum Diagnostica

Marburg, Germany - In a move to broaden and strengthen DRG's position in the clinical laboratory diagnostic business worldwide, DRG Instruments, Germany, a subsidiary of DRG International, Inc., Mountainside, NJ, has acquired the assets of Novum Diagnostica GmbH, a specialty manufacturer of infectious disease diagnostics.
The acquisition will be operated under the name of Novum DRG Branch Laboratories with production facilities in Dietzenbach, Germany.

The acquisition of the assets of Novum Diagnostica will allow the DRG Group to expand its core business of immunodiagnostics into the rapidly growing field of infectious disease diagnostic procedures.

The Novum product line does not overlap with the existing product lines of the DRG Group. The strong DRG technical marketing and international sales network of DRG subsidiaries and independent distributors in over 100 countries, will allow rapid penetration of the newly acquired infectious disease diagnostics products into the world's markets.

Dr. Cyril Geacintov, CEO and President of the DRG Group, stated, "DRG's expertise in the development, manufacture, and international marketing and sales of diagnostic kits will allow quick integration and expansion of the Novum infectious disease product line throughout our network of distributors and dealers."

DRG Instruments GmbH management believes that the acquisition of Novum Diagnostica will expand the existing customer base for the products of both companies by providing new channels for the companies' products and services around the world.

DRG is a multinational specialty medical equipment and diagnostics manufacturer and distributor with successful representation in over 100 countries through a network of DRG subsidiaries and local distributors.