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Spencer Italia S.r.l.

DAKAR One man basket stretcher

We have here, the evolution of the original model that represents a true and real revolution. The projection of the style towards the future, gives it a new image, wisely uniting rationality with functionality. To its dynamism we add the style and technology necessary to face all kinds of operations, even the most intense and difficult.
The new Dakar epitomizes the commitment of Spencer to the realization of a stretcher of exceptional structural qualities enclosed in a compact and secure shell.
The Dakar Basket Stretcher is unique; it can be operated by one operator only, thanks to the adoption of two wheels on the lower end of the stretcher. This great advantage allows rescue workers, usually necessary to carry the stretcher, to concentrate on taking care of other victims. The adoption of the wheels makes it possible to use the Dakar for evacuation of victims over stairways as well.