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Gymna Uniphy NV

Cryoflow IR: keep it cool!

GymnaUniphy NV, the European specialist in solutions for medical professionals and physiotherapists, presents its new Cryoflow Infrared – the first cryotherapy device that uses infrared biofeedback to keep the treatment temperature absolutely stable.

Throughout the ages, any number of inflammations, swellings and wounds has been successfully treated using cold water, ice or snow. With GymnaUniphy leading the development of cryotherapy devices, administering cold to the problem area became much more practical. And now GymnaUniphy has turned its expertise into a new device that solves cryotherapy’s final frustration – how to maintain a constant treatment temperature.

Distributed under the solid Uniphy brand name, Cryoflow Infrared sets a new standard in cryotherapy treatment. It exhausts cold air with integrated infrared biofeedback and keeps the temperature on the treated spot absolutely stable! The Cryoflow IR’s intelligent hand piece measures the temperature of the skin and automatically adjusts the airflow in accordance with the temperature the therapist has selected. This leads to better controlled, safer, more precise and more effective treatments. With Cryoflow Infrared the therapist can keep it as cool as he / she wants to.