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Create a Strong and Healthy Back

What we do……………………………………………..…...…………..…

EBRS specializes in the on-site assessment and treatment of sprain/strain musculoskeletal work-related injuries. We offer a flexible time-table that is suitable to the employers and their employee’s work schedule. Our full service approach includes the use of the Back Rack System™, for the treatment of low back injuries; dynamic SEMG techniques to accurately assess and assist in the diagnosis of muscle function in the low back.

It is the combination of disciplines, proven clinical results and protocols that have shown a very high rate of success and optimization of rehabilitation.

How we do it…………………………………………………...………..…

SEMG (surface electromyography)

SEMG uses electrodes placed on the skin to measure the electrical activity of the muscles when contracting. (similarly to the way the heart is monitored) This form of assessment is used to document muscle function throughout the treatment process. Musculoskeletal dysfunction accounts for 80% of all chronic pain and the use of SEMG enables our trained therapist to compare progress from session to session. This approach benefits both employee and employer in the following ways:

• When a SEMG evaluation is abnormal, the employee becomes a Neuromuscular Re-Education and Stretching Program candidate. This employee is either in pain or at risk for pain.

Pre Treatment SEMG Tracing: (Patient with back pain for 24 years)
Post Treatment SEMG Tracing: (Same patient, 0 pain)

• Employees with normal SEMG evaluations are not program candidates.

Back Rack Systems™
The Back Rack™ was developed to assist the rehabilitation, maintenance and enhancement of the musculoskeletal system of a human lower back via stretching, strengthening and silencing (relaxing) the muscles. This machine is used by trained personnel to treat existing back problems, strengthen people at risk for back problems and to enhance physical performance. This treatment technique is an innovative way to optimize rehabilitation of lower back pain. The results being a pain free lifestyle, improvement in posture, increase in core stability, flexibility and strength, and a return to activities. The results for a company are decrease in time lost injuries, increase in presenteeism and employee productivity.

“If it wasn’t for [the back machine], I don’t know where I would be today. I know I wouldn’t be working here because the low back pain just hurt too much. My job is to work in a lean cell, which means I have to be on my feet all-day and moving. I had lifting restrictions for about a month, but other than that, I was able to do my job. My fear was having to live on pain medications. I continue to do my stretches everyday. I am so thankful.” Bob P.

“About two years ago, I hurt my back at work. I couldn’t even bend over to put my shoes on. I [used the back machine] for about a month or so and have not had any back pain since.” Kenneth P.

“I have had back problems on and off for the last 30 years and have tried many different forms of treatment. I have just completed my 10th session with EBRS. I am golfing 3 or 4 times per week and walking the course on most days, with only occasional stiffness the next day. I have no pain and no stiffness when I wake in the morning. Today, I am beyond being happy and impressed. I would go beyond recommending EBRS and would urge anyone with back problems to pursue treatment with EBRS. Doug H.

Who we are………………………………………………...……………..…

Dr. Stuart Donaldson is the director of clinical services, having worked in the chronic pain area since 1989. Published extensively in numerous chronic pain journals.

Tamsin Hodgetts, BA, RMT, Tamsin has worked within the context of a chronic pain rehabilitation clinic for the past 7 years. In addition Tamsin brings 7 years experience of working within a Fortune 500 company in the assessment, treatment and ergonomic factors in upper extremity pain

Richard Macnab, President of EBRS, former pilot with Snowbirds and presently MBA candidate at UofC.

Robert G. Clasby, BA, BCIAC has specialized in surface Electromyography (SEMG) since certification in 1984. During the past fourteen years, he has worked closely with a Fortune 100 automaker developing neuromuscular reeducation protocols for both clinical and ergonomic assessments for the treatment of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

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