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Crazy Scrubs, Inc.

Crazy Scrubs Ease Children's Fears

Adults can be apprehensive of healthcare professionals; however, children can be downright scared. Crazy Scrubs, an innovative provider of colorful and fun healthcare apparel, bridges the gap between healthcare professionals and patients who are children.

In 1995, Sandi Richter founded Crazy Scrubs to ease the fear of children who come into contact with doctors and nurses.

Sandi had emergency surgery and afterward told her husband how frightening it was even as an adult. She wondered how scared children must be when they have procedures.

Sandi started to sew colorful and fun surgical hats for surgeons at her kitchen table and Crazy Scrubs was born.

Sandi was a pharmaceutical representative at the time and she gave them to pediatric surgeons to wear in the operating room. The response from the children and the surgeons was overwhelmingly positive.

Sandi received requests to make colorful and fun scrub tops, pants and jackets. After many years of hard work and lots of persistence, Crazy Scrubs are now sold all over the world and in many stores in the USA.

"We are very successful. Our business is growing rapidly; however, nothing is as rewarding as seeing and hearing the heartfelt stories of how Crazy Scrubs are touching the lives of healthcare professionals, patients and especially children", said Richter.

Please visit the Crazy Scrubs stand and Sandi in Hall 7 / D 03 at the MEDICA show.