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Clinical Analysers

RX series of clinical analysers

The RX daytona™ and RX imola™ are bench-top clinical analysers that offer an impressive range of time saving and labour saving features. The two RX analysers are the answer to all your clinical analyser requirements, combining outstanding flexibility with high throughput, coupled with optimum reliability and safety.

The RX daytona™ and RX imola™ clinical analysers have several important features in common:

- Comprehensive test panel for clinical chemistry, proteins and TDMs
- On-board wash system with reusable cuvettes
- Direct interface with host computer
- STAT Facility
- Utilise the same reagents, controls and calibrators
- User friendly dedicated software
- Primary tube sampling, on-board sample dilution and cooled reagent compartment
- Bar coding of samples and reagents

RX daytona™

- Up to 450 tests per hour (180 photometric and 270 ISE)
- Micro-pipette with liquid level detector
- Eight wavelengths
- Small foot print

RX imola™

- Up to 640 tests per hour (400 photometric and 240 ISE)
- Low sample and clot detection
- Twelve wavelengths
- Refrigerated inner carousel for calibrators and QC material