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Cervical Cancer Vaccines And HPV Diagnostics

HPV diagnostics has to adapt to new requirements as cervical cancer vaccines become available. The vaccines against certain HPV variants (genotypes) created new market segments with new needs and requirements.

GenoID Ltd, a leader in HPV diagnostics development, is proud to announce the only complete HPV diagnostics portfolio meeting the needs of the new environment.

GenoID's Real-Time HPV Assay, the world's first comprehensive real-time multiplex PCR assay is ideal for high-throughput cervical cancer screening labs for primary and reflex screening as well. (Detects all high and low risk HPV types and provides results in 3 hours.)

The Real-Time HPV Vaccine Assay is uniquely capable of detecting the genotypes impacted by vaccination. (Commerical availability: early 2007.)

GenoID's Full Spectrum HPV Assay offers a solution for the conventional PCR platform. It can be run manually or on automated robotic systems The assay detects all know genital genotypes (over 50) of HPV and will offer genotyping capabilities as well. (Commerical availability of the genotyping system: 2007.)

About GenoID
With award-winning products GenoID prides itself in being a leader in HPV diagnostics research. The company is developing technologically advanced, user-friendly diagnostic assays which fit in various laboratory environments.

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