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C-Mac Microtechnology Ltd.

C-MAC’s CEO unveils global strategy

Transition to a market-centric approach to drive growth in key vertical markets

Wooburn Green, UK – Indro Mukerjee, the recently appointed CEO of C-MAC MicroTechnology, today announced his strategic vision for the company as he opened the company’s new headquarters in Wooburn Green, UK. C-MAC is already a significant provider of high-performance, high-reliability microelectronics solutions. With the strong financial backing of investors, private equity firms Francisco Partners and Shah Capital Partners, the former Philips Semiconductor executive, Mukerjee, is now aiming to grow C-MAC into the leading independent, high reliability electronics company in the world.

Following a comprehensive strategic review, Mukerjee announced a significant company reorganisation. C-MAC’s microelectronics design and manufacturing services business will move from its current site-focused approach to being market and customer-oriented. This important change will mean that each C-MAC manufacturing facility will be mapped directly onto the company’s core markets of automotive, communications, industrial & medical and aerospace. As part of this evolution, each facility will tap into and deepen its sector expertise allowing the company to become more responsive to sector-specific customer requirements.

Through this new market-centric approach, C-MAC will be ideally positioned to take advantage of the current fragmented market. C-MAC will further expand its design capability, offering customers an end-to-end outsourced thick film design and manufacturing solution, further distancing itself from many of its competitors who focus on build to print and the more commoditised parts of the business.

An example of this new approach is C-MAC’s Ronse, Belgium facility, which will become the company’s automotive hub. The increasing distribution of electronic modules and sensors in the automotive sector puts electronics subsystems into increasingly harsh environments, and extremes of temperature, pressure and vibration. In addition, the miniaturisation trend has resulted in the need for increased packaging densities. All of these technology trends favour thick film manufacturing on ceramic and low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) substrates, advanced hermetic chip and wire assembly techniques and multi-chip stacking – core C-MAC areas of expertise. The other C-MAC manufacturing plants in Great Yarmouth, UK and Sherbrooke, Canada will focus on the military & aerospace sectors and industrial & medical and communications sectors respectively.

A key element of C-MAC’s strategy is a continued focus on product development in its frequency control products division maintaining its lead in high performance products. The company is already a world leader in frequency control products with over 70 years history in manufacturing quartz based products. For example, C-MAC’s space qualified crystals were a critical component on board the Huygens space probe that was travelling to Titan, one of Saturn’s largest moons. The probe spent six and a half years in space and when it landed on Titan, the C-MAC crystals enabled the on-board transceiver to successfully transmit vital new data and photography.

Forming a key part of the company’s Frequency Control Products group is the Pluto temperature controlled oscillators TCXO product range - the industry’s most precise, least power consuming, fully surface mountable and cost-effective TCXOs. Mukerjee believes the communications sector in particular stands to benefit by deploying C-MAC’s TCXOs in wireless base stations, global positioning systems and emergency beacons.

To support the company’s new strategy, Mukerjee has set up a headquarters close to Heathrow and organised the company around market segments with a greater focus on the customer.

Indro Mukerjee, CEO of C-MAC, said: “My vision is to develop C-MAC into the premier high-reliability, high-performance microelectronics design and manufacturing partner to key customers in our target markets. We’re excited about our growth prospects in automotive, aerospace, medical and communications markets in particular.

“We are extremely proud of our British heritage and believe that there is a future for specialist electronics manufacturing industry in the UK. Today, C-MAC is a global business with around a 1,000 staff and we are working to continue our strong growth and increase share in our target markets. Having an experienced management team in place and the strong financial backing of our investors, private equity firms Francisco Partners and Shah Capital Partners, coupled with a focus on key vertical markets and our core competencies means, we are now well positioned to aggressively grow revenues and become a market leader in each of our target markets.”