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Brandon Medical Score a Hat-trick with Coolview

Brandon Medical’s Coolview examination lights have been selected for 3 major new PFI hospitals in quick succession. Newcastle PFI, University College London Hospital and now Birmingham NHS Trust have all recently selected Coolview lights for their multi-million pound new hospitals.

This triple success at the largest PFI hospitals in the country is a testament to the applicability of Coolviews for general hospital use. The Coolview range won these contracts due to the unique combination of performance and value that they offer.

Brandon’s Coolview range of lights specialise in offering cool, clear ‘daylight’ quality illumination with the different models in the range ensuring the lights are suitable for both standard and more complex examinations. All three PFI’s ordered large quantities of both the Coolview XM and C50 models through to the Coolview C35 model.

The Coolview range of lights is the most comprehensive, high performance range of examination lights on the market, offering a variety of lights suitable for any examination in a hospital, GP Surgery or health centre. Coolview XM and C50 models allow excellent movement and positioning all around the examination couch and the Coolview C35 models are ideal for use in small examination rooms. The C50 and C35 can be supplied as mobile models and the entire range of Coolview’s are available in ceiling, wall and rail-mounted versions. This, along with the availability of a selection of arms, futher enhances the versatility of the Coolview range.

Brandon Medical are experts in the healthcare industry with over 40 years experience, they manufacture a wide range of products, including Medical Architectural Equipment, Control and Power Systems, Medical AV Systems and Medical Lighting.

If you would like more information on any of Brandon Medical’s products please call or e-mail our UK sales manager, Gary Hudson on 0113 2777393,, or visit the website: