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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Brandon Medical Launch New UPS for Operating Theatre

Brandon Medical are pleased to announce the launch of their new operating theatre UPS system – the BXi Series. This new series has been designed and developed specifically for operating theatres and offers a highly flexible and reliable method of ensuring theatre power supplies do not fail.

A UPS system is always switched on and working. All power supplied to the operating theatre runs through the UPS battery, which is being constantly re-charged by the mains supply. If this mains supply ever fails, the battery can still support the supply to the theatre for several hours. There is no switch-over time incurred if the mains supply fails making the BXi ideal for running sensitive electronic equipment, monitors and computers.

The BXi series has many unique features which make it especially useful in an operating theatre. A self-configuring battery pack means batteries are easy to change for both maintenance and to help achieve the required autonomy time (this usually requires an experienced electrician).

Another new feature offered by the BXi is dual mains input. This allows power from two different mains circuits to be fed into the BXi simultaneously. If one of these lines fails the power supply will continue as normal, running off the other line until the fault can be rectified.

In the unlikely event of both sources of mains input failing the BXi offers further flexibility through load segment control. This allows a user to shut-down all non-critical equipment in an operating theatre – thereby extending the run-time for all critical equipment.

All BXi models are multi-format and can be either rack-mounted or stand-alone straight from the box. This is especially useful in operating theatres where space is limited as the power supply has been designed to fit standard (600mm x 600mm) racking systems.

There is also a back-lit rotating LCD screen. This will stay lit even in the event of power failure (where light levels may be diminished) and can be rotated to be easily readable in horizontal or vertical orientations.