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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Brandon Medical: First Company to Offer Anti-Microbial Surgical Lighting

Galaxy Ultra - now Incorporating Polyiene

Brandon Medical have become the first company to produce anti-microbial operating theatre lighting.

All Galaxy Ultra lighting now comes treated with Polygiene – the latest anti-microbial compound from chemicals giant Perstorp. Polygiene uses a combination of specially treated silver ions and chemical agents to break down and destroy harmful virus / bacteria / yeast cell walls. This action is effective against both SARS and MRSA.

Because Polygiene is non-toxic, non-allergic and environmentally friendly Brandon Medical have been able to mould it directly into both their Galaxy Ultra and Astralite lamp heads quickly and safely. This process never needs to be repeated, as Polygiene will remain active for the entire lifetime of the light with no wearing off or diminishing effect.

As Polygiene is impregnated in the Galaxy Ultra this way the “killing effect” starts to work very quickly - completely destroying harmful bacteria / viruses which come into contact with the device within hours. This “killing effect” has been independently tested and proven to be effective.

This quick “killing effect” is complemented by an anti-mutation facility, preventing harmful cells from becoming resistant to Polygiene.

Anti-microbial coatings are a step-forward in infection control in the healthcare environment, especially in high-risk areas such as operating theatres and treatment rooms where they are used in combination with general sanitary procedures.

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Polygiene is a registered trademark of Perstorp AB