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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Brandon Launch Biggest-Ever Examination Lighting Range

Brandon Medical are delighted to announce the launch of their latest range of Coolview Examination Lights. With over 100 different versions of the four core models (CVXM, C50, C35 and C20) this is most comprehensive range of examination lighting available on the market, offering a light for virtually any type of examination.

These four core models have each been designed with a different type of examination in mind. The CVXM (see pic) is a super-sized examination light with an extended arm which can reach all around the patient’s couch. The C50 is a more conventional examination light, being suited to a wide variety of examinations and general practice. The C35 offers a unique spot/flood feature which lets the doctor switch between small/large examinations at the touch of a button, whereas the C20 is a low-cost, high-reliability light.

Each of these models can be mounted on a mobile base, wall, rail or ceiling as necessary. A rail-kit can be added to the C50, C35 and C20 models for increased mobility. There are also numerous options for wiring, and an optional Daylight Colour Filter. For a full list of the 100+ models available you can visit the Brandon Medical website on or call us for a brochure.

Managing Director Graeme Hall explains how Brandon have simplified product selection “we have developed a series of very simple choices for the customer to help select their best lighting for them. You can specify the light head, mounting, wiring and filter options which are right for you, and we can manufacture a product to match.”

Brandon believe they have an examination light for every application – why not test them?