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Biocell Presents New Epilepsy System

the setup and zoom on a membrane

Our system is already used in various applications:

Epilepsy :
To test convulsant or anticonvulsant effects of an unknown substance.

In vitro Blood-brain Barrier model :
To evaluate the selective permeability of the proposed model to different drugs.

Brain Ischemia :
To determine neuroprotective properties of putative molecules on neuronal insult induced by cerebral ischemia.

Neurotoxicology :
To determine potential toxic effects of molecules on CNS tissue by measuring evoked/spontaneous responses and performing histological analyses. Acute and/or chronic studies can be achieved.

Nervous regeneration :
To determine i) the potential effects of drugs to improve post-lesioned central nervous tissue recovery, or ii) on contrary to assess deleterious effects on regenerative processes.