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Maltron International Ltd.

Bedside Non-invasive Imaging System for monitoring lung Diseases

Electrical Impedance Tomography PulmonaryScan

Current methods such MRI, Chest X-ray, CT-scanning, radio-isotope imaging and ultrasound are routinely used for anatomical and functional information. Although these methods have their advantage and disadvantages, this information is important for the proper treatment of circulatory, cardiac and ventilatory disorders.

Maltron Sheffield Mk3.5 Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) PulmonaryScan Offers many advantages over the routinely used methods for detection of Pulmonary Hypertension, ventilation , Perfusion, PEEP, Lung recruitment, Lung volume in Neonates and adults, pulmonary infection, embolism, therapy effects, Lung composition and many more.

Maltron EIT system is the only system to offer bedside diagnostic & monitoring. It is based on the measurement of electrical properties of biological tissues; it generates cross-sectional images of the region under investigation without exposure to radiation.

The images can show the distribution of regional lung ventilation and changes in local aeration.