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Berendsen GmbH

BERENDSEN´s UNIMAT® represents the future of full textile services


The future-oriented system UNIMAT® offers customers a logical and complete solution for the automatic processing of industrial and professional clothes for the first time.

This latest innovation of the market leader of textile services in the German-speaking area demonstrates the ideal platform for a fully automatic changing room. Here, users can access their personal, professional clothes with help of a personalised magnetic card around the clock.

All textiles are equipped with intelligent chips. Firstly, this enables the reliable and personal supply of clothes, as well as automised stock-take. Secondly, the UNIMAT delivers data to control the usage of textiles through web-based tools at all times,

As a result, the employees of our customers now have access to a laundry disposal as well as a clothes delivery system. This system is especially distinguished by easy use, reliable supply and a maximum of flexibility.

Valuable resources of personnel will be preserved as delivery and pick-up of all textiles are completely taken care of by BERENDSEN.

Additionally the UNIMAT® delivers meaningful data to capture, examine and reduce circulating quantity and sequences of change of textiles.

The UNIMAT® is also the perfect system to connect maximum service with maximum economising potential on the highest level of quality.