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Award-winning Opticare® Eye Drop Dispensers

eye drop dispensers Best Medical device innovation award
Just one year after scooping the coveted “Best Medical Device Innovation” award in the UK at the Medical Futures Innovation Awards, Opticare Eye Drop Dispensers are poised for entry into key European markets, as well as the USA and Japan. Their manufacturer, Cameron Graham Limited, is exhibiting for the first time at Medica and is set to attract the attention of both distributors and medical professionals.
The range of eye drop dispensers- Opticare and Opticare Arthro- have experienced a high growth in sales in the UK over the past 12 months as they are now available both over the counter and also, uniquely, on prescription. Opticare is rapidly becoming the product of choice for glaucoma, dry eye and cataract sufferers as they solve many of the problems associated with instilling eye drops, avoiding waste and improving patient independence. Business is developing overseas too with sales in South America and Australia.
Eye drops are notoriously difficult to self-administer. The plastic dropper bottles can be difficult to squeeze and accurately targeting the eye is not easy. Studies suggest that over 70% of people that use eye drops have difficulty instilling them. These problems can be particularly acute for the elderly and those who suffer from arthritis or have poor eye sight. Aside from the frustration that this can cause, it also results in a huge amount of unnecessary drug wastage with corresponding cost implications for patients and health care systems. Opticare affords the able and the disabled, the young and the old equal access to their eye drop medication thereby supporting patient compliance.
Opticare and Opticare Arthro eye drop dispensers provide a helping hand in a number of ways.
• Ease of use - bottles can be loaded easily and the patented double squeeze mechanism can be used with a gentle finger or grip squeeze.
• Comfort and Hygiene - the dispensers fit securely around the eye and the design ensures that the bottle cannot touch the eye.
• Accurate Targeting - the anatomically designed eye piece means that drops go into the eye and not down the cheek.
• Patient Independence - by promoting independence, scarce nursing resources can be re-prioritised.
Opticare Eye Drop Dispensers demonstrate how a simple yet well designed medical device can make a real difference to wide-ranging initiatives that are very much in the spotlight today; the promotion of independent living, reduction in the drug wastage experienced by global health services due to patient non compliance and the support for the chronically ill in the community.