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Avo Photonics

Avo Photonics Corporate Backgrounder

About Avo Photonics

Avo Photonics is an optical contract-manufacturing firm developing advanced custom packaging solutions for the military/aerospace, communications, medical and industrial markets. The company employs a staff of established industry professionals, all from varying disciplines and markets; each bringing more than 20 years of unique experience, training and abilities to support customer requirements.
Avo Photonics provides three distinct services: design, development and production. This range of services allows Avo Photonics to participate in projects from product inception through production. By applying industry established design and production practices garnered from years of experience in the photonics industry, Avo Photonics creates solutions specific to each customer’s needs. Unlike other photonics companies, Avo Photonics does not manufacture and sell its own products – this provides for maximum design flexibility, quality and efficiency, and ensures the lowest cost solution to its customers.
Avo Photonics is capable of supporting all projects from design through production. Specifically, Avo Photonics can provide engineering samples, product prototyping, qualification testing, production, performance testing and transitioning to overseas partners for higher-volume, lower-cost manufacturing. All of these are a part of Avo Photonics’ standard service offerings.
Avo Photonics functions as a transparent manufacturer for both domestic and international partners. The company’s cutting-edge business model allows it to offer expertise in its core competencies to a variety of industries via a full-service, closed-loop facility.

Avo Photonics supports its product designs with modeling tools for RF, optical, thermal and mechanical design. Avo Photonics’ unique capability to integrate the design and manufacturing of customer products under one roof ensures efficient prototyping and transition to low-volume production. This same unique capability allows products to flow seamlessly to high-volume production without retooling manufacturing lines or requalifying designs.
Avo Photonics’ core design and manufacturing experience includes electrical (2.5G - 10 G) and optical systems (free space and fiber-coupled systems, along with high power and spaceborne products). Supporting this experience is a thorough understanding of mechanical (statistical tolerance of a mechanical design, manfacturability and tooling interference) and thermal (finite element analysis and thermal stress analysis) issues. Manufacturing processes such as laser welding, die bonding, flip chip, wire bonding, seam sealing for hermetic packaging, and coupling of optical fibers are in place to support custom and standard packaging.
Avo Photonics
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Horsham, PA 19044
Phone: (215) 441-0107