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Augusta Medical Systems, LLC. was formed in 1999 by Julian W. Osbon, an early pioneer of office based Urological products for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. The company offers the most conservative, non-invasive, effective solution for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction commonly known as Impotence.

Augusta Medical Systems mission is not only to deliver the best Vacuum Therapy Systems for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, but more importantly to provide the service, education, and research that was absent from the market. Only in the last few years has Erectile Dysfunction gained the public’s attention, and this has caused more patients to seek treatment.

Product Description:

Vacuum Therapy Systems, also called Vacuum Erection Devices, were first introduced to the world in 1974. Since that time, vacuum therapy has changed very little due to its relatively simple concept. Augusta Medical Systems has taken this concept and created SomaTherapy-ED and its SomaErect-Rx vacuum therapy products. SomaTherapy-ED combines technology with the body’s natural function to produce an almost instant erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

Augusta Medical Systems offers a variety of products for the physical treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. These SomaErect-Rx products are sold by prescription only and are the Response II, the Touch II, and the SomaCorrect. In addition to the prescription only products, Augusta Medical Systems offers the VitalityOTC. The VitalityOTC vacuum therapy system is available over the counter without a prescription.

Augusta Medical Systems
1025 Broad Street
Augusta, Georgia 30901

Contact: Mr. Robert White, VP Sales
Phone: +1-706-312-0110
Fax: +1-706-312-0022