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Assessment of anti-age activity of Skeen Patch devices on ex vivo human skin explants

All of you have remember about the famous SKEEN patch from IDT France. In the past 2005-2006 year, the medical department of IDT France has completed new clinical trial on the rejuvenating of face of women young as menopaused. It confirmed once again the strong anti-age activity of the SKEEN micro-current.

To understand the positive clinical results, we would like to see the improvment on cells level in the epidermis and dermis. For the first time, BIO-EC laboratory, a french laboratory, has been performed a new test using Biopsy means on ex-vivo skin explants to clearly demonstrate the anti-age activity of SKEEN PATCH device, explaining and confirming its wonderful rejuvenation results obtained on clinical trials.

Moreover, the anti-ageing activity of SKEEN PATCH device has been assessed in comparison to the positive reference RETINOL, chemical substance which commonly enters all anti-age cosmetic formulations.

After 8 days of processing, the laboratory test confirms that SKEEN PATCH did not cause damage of epidermis, which still keeps its softness, while Retinol caused at Day 8 an acanthosic (cell damage) phenomena.

SKEEN PATCH device highly induced an anti-age activity in relation to control and Retinol treatment by :

- increasing elastic fibers (Elastine) synthesis,
- increasing collagen synthesis,
- increase mitotic (cellular multiplication) activity

Due to technical restrictions regarding the maintenance of human skin explants on survival, the lenght of the study is limited to 8 days.
This limitation did not allow SKEEN PATCH to fully demonstrate its anti-age activity with measuring data.
However, SKEEN PATCH anti-age activity which is clearly demonstrated after 8 days can be easily predicted to be exponential after this 8 day period as indicated the exponential form of the curves in experimental figures.

You can ask the complete BIO-EC laboratory trial. We will be pleased to communicate it.

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