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Ansell Healthcare Presents Complete Approach to Glove-related Allergies

Brussels, November 16th, 2005 - Ansell Healthcare, the global leader in hand barrier protection, will be presenting its solutions for managing latex allergies at the MEDICA fair in Düsseldorf. “In order to help hospitals, Ansell is announcing new developments in its three complementary approaches: information, prevention, and alternative materials.” says Didier Bonjean, Business Development Director Europe for Ansell Healthcare. At Medica, Ansell will be launching a multi-language educational programme, demonstrating the HydraSoft® hydrating solution integrated into glove linings, and inviting visitors to test the improved comfort and flexibility of its neoprene, accelerator-free best-seller, the DermaPrene® Ultra.

Because Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) remains the recommended choice for barrier protection, Ansell is a long-standing partisan of preventing the onset of latex allergies. On the prevention side, HydraSoft® will be explained and shown at the Ansell booth. Earlier this year, HydraSoft® hydrating technology was integrated into the inner coating of Gammex® PF surgical gloves. Scrubbing with soaps and antiseptics combined with continued glove use (which can result in soggy, easily eroded skin) contributes to attacking healthy skin’s protective barrier. The resulting dry, cracked skin opens a migration path for irritants, allergens and micro-organisms. The hydration offered by HydraSoft® offers an additional method of prevention by helping to protect the skin’s natural barrier.

Ansell Healthcare has been an early champion of powder-free latex gloves. The company’s manufacturing processes are continuously optimised with a view to reducing water-soluble chemical residues and proteins. And lab tests of the Ansell High-Temperature Post Washing Process have shown that the process reduces the NRL allergen content of NRL gloves in some cases by more than 20 times more than DPNR (Deproteinised and purified natural rubber latex).* Ansell Healthcare offers the medical world the fruit of continuous research and innovation, both providing quality NRL gloves studied to decrease the risks of developing allergies and developing the very best in alternative materials. Mr. Bonjean explains: “Ansell provides its customers with the information and the products to make a responsible choice. In doing so, Ansell takes the health of healthcare workers and patients seriously.”

As an alternative to NRL, Ansell invites visitors to test samples of the improved DermaPrene® Ultra, available for the first time at the Medica fair. DermaPrene® Ultra, launched in 2004, has quickly become surgeons’ first choice in synthetic gloves throughout Europe. Its comfort has been improved to offer more flexibility for hand and finger movements during operations. The glove features a unique formulation of neoprene and is free of the vulcanisation accelerators which are a source of Type IV allergies. This makes the DermaPrene® Ultra the best solution for the prevention of both Type I and Type IV allergies in either healthcare professionals or patients.

In a bid to provide healthcare professionals with the best possible advice on glove-related latex allergy management, Ansell will be launching an international online educational programme, AnsellCares, at the Medica trade fair in Düsseldorf next week. Interested journalists are invited to attend the launch press conference which will take place on Wednesday, November 16th at 14:00 (Ansell booth, Hall 6, Stand K16).

* Source: FIT Biotech tests carried out on Ansell and competitors’ gloves.


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