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Aerotel Medical Systems (1998) Ltd.

Aerotel Goes Wireless

Company’s User-Friendly Tele-CliniQ and its 12/8-Lead ECG,
HeartView P-12/8 Plus, Now Available with Bluetooth Technology

Aerotel, a leading manufacturer of Telemedicine devices, has taken a new direction by going wireless. After evaluating numerous technologies, the company opted to integrate Bluetooth™ technology into its Tele-CliniQ and HeartView P-12/8 Plus devices. This new approach provides users with several benefits, beginning with the elimination of dedicated systems. By incorporating Bluetooth™ into the Tele-CliniQ and the HeartView P-12/8 Plus, a seamless connection is created to any PC or mobile phone with a Bluetooth™ interface. Additionally, operation is location independent. Once devices are within range of the access point (PC, mobile phone, TeleCliniq or Medi-CliniQ), the Bluetooth™ technology wirelessly transmits data to it.

HeartView P-12/8 Plus: A Personal BT ECG
HeartView P-12/8 Plus has a Bluetooth™ module integrated into its circuitry. Patient identification details are included in the transmitted header for fast identification at the call center. Programming HeartView P-12/8 Plus can be also accomplished via the Bluetooth™ interface.
HeartView P-12/8 Plus enables users to send a recorded ECG to the following systems:
• Any PC in which Aerotel’s ECG Viewer has been installed.
• Any mobile phone with a Bluetooth™ interface. The phone automatically dials Aerotel’s HRS receiving center.
• Aerotel’s Tele-CliniQ propriety medical modem for further communication with modem systems.
• Aerotel’s Medi-CliniQ point of care station.

Personal Multi-Parameter Medical Acquisition Center for the Home
Aerotel’s TeleCliniq device has a Bluetooth™ module integrated into its circuitry. Its setup parameters can be programmed into the device via the Bluetooth™ interface. With Tele-CliniQ users can:
• Communicate with all Bluetooth™ equipped medical devices.
• Transfer data via Bluetooth™ to a mobile phone with automatic dialing capabilities to the receiving modem.

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