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Acupuncture Works Without Needles

Laser acupuncture works - but
only if it hits the right spot
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Needle haters get sweaty when they think of therapeutical stinging. For such patients or for children, the painless laser acupuncture represents a real alternative. “With laser acupuncture, we achieve a similar impact as we do with traditional acupuncture,” says professor Frank Bahr of the European Academy for Traditional Chinese Medicine (EATCM) in Munich. The procedure works with laser needles being placed on acupuncture spots and being fixed on the skin without damaging tissue.

The fact that the laser method is no monkey business has been proved several times, according to Bahr. An effect will only be triggered if the acupuncture laser hits a certain acupuncture spot, otherwise it doesn’t, explains Bahr. At the MEDICA fair 2005, Bahr will demonstrate the laser treatment live with patients having various diseases.

Bahr and other acupuncturists also conducted a study with 27 patients and applied both traditional metal needles and laser needles. The laser beam power varied between 1.5 and five Watt per square centimetre. With the help of Doppler sonography the scientists tested if the flow rate of blood within the eye artery responded to the treatment. The result: Both the metal needles and their laser peers increased the flow rate. In addition, the more intensive the laser stimulus was, the higher was the flow rate.

Another important criteria in applying laser needles is the used wave length: it controls the impact depth of the beam into the tissue. Green laser light only fits for ear acupuncture, says Bahr. Within a depth of four millimetres, half of it is already absorbed. Red light permeates the skin up to ten millimetres, infrared light makes it up to four to six centimetres below the body’s surface.; Source: Dt. Gesellschaft zur Förderung der med. Diagnostik e. V.