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Biovotion AG

Accurate, Wearable Sensing Technology

Biovotion has developed an accurate, wearable sensing technology, that allows for continous medical-quality vital sign monitoring (VSM) in daily life.

The company expects to combine medical-quality VSM with design, wearability, convenience, and prices of the consumer market.

The system (multi-sensor platform plus sophisticated algorithms) will be intergrated into cloud infrastructures to provide users with data on par with standard hospital systems and can be stepwise expanded with additional physiological parameters.

Current parameters monitoried include heart rate, blood oxygenation, blood perfusion, temperature and movement/activity. The first VSM generation is also expected to include heart rate variability, respiratory rate, energy expenditure, and sleep and stress monitoring.

Commercialised designs in the consumer and the medical markets are expected to be introduced in 2014.

The management team is internationally recognised for its expertise in wearable monitoring. The company holds a broad IP portfolio.