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A possible new application in Bell's Palsy

While it is constant that SKEEN patch improvs the structure of epidermis and offer never-seen results (see last publications),
while the medical team of IDT France that designed the anti-age SKEEN patch, is discovering that we can provok an improvment of face by a stimulation at body areas far from the face,
a possible application of SKEEN patch in the BELL's PALSY has been observed in clinical practice.

Everybody known that BELL's PALSY is a suddent illness that provoks a temporarly paralysis of a half of face. The cause is unknown.
Almost of patients will recover the mobility of the suffered half face but nobody can say what is the delay of recovering : a month, 6 months, 12 months or 2 years or more? Some patients would keep the BELL's PALSy for life!

It seems that the anti-age SKEEN patch applicated in such indication would provok the shortest delay to recover the face that beneficies in the same time a real rejuvenation.
If we understand the stress of patients when they live with BELL's PALSY, the troubls caused to their private and professional activities, we will undderstand the precious help offered by SKEEN patch.

Please see below picture and you understand the utility of SKEEN patch in such medical indication.
SKEEN patch is safe and has the CE medical certificate.
Also, the free sale certificate has been issued by the french Health Ministry.

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