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A Fully Automated Chlorine Dioxide Production System

The new Tristel Generator is a fully automated chlorine dioxide production system that enables Tristel’s chemistry to be used in applications requiring a continuous stream of chlorine dioxide. The Tristel Generator doses water supplies with its patented chlorine dioxide chemistry at concentrations that are pre-set within a range of 1 to 250 ppm. Chlorine dioxide production is instantaneous and continuous. An on-board probe monitors and records the chlorine dioxide concentration, and the system is equipped with a printer to provide a record of the volume of water dosed. The Tristel Generator is compact and can be wall mounted or located on the floor under a worktop.

Not only can the Tristel Generator produce chlorine dioxide at the low concentrations required for water disinfection, it is equally capable of generating the high concentrations necessary to disinfect medical equipment. As a result, a number of collaborative developments with manufacturers of endoscope washer-disinfectors are in progress. Here the Generator feeds the washer with the high-level disinfectant solution used to decontaminate the endoscope itself.

The first installation of the Tristel Generator took place earlier this year in the UK, and Medica sees its launch to the whole of Europe.

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