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ATMOS Is Expanding

Atmos Firmengebäude

LENZKIRCH. GHE-member ATMOS is looking back on a very successful first half of 2007. On the occasion of the mid-year quo vadis the man-aging director and owner Peter Greiser gave a positive review of the first half year. One of the reasons for the company’s growth was the introduction of the new ENT treatment workplace ATMOS S 61 Servant. There was a sales increase of 30% in the first 6 months. Apparently the worldwide markets were waiting for an innovation from the medical technology manufacturers in Lenzkirch. Due to the cooperation nof worldwide specialists to-gether with ATMOS, the production started on schedule at the be-ginning of the year. There was also an immense increase in the product ranges surgery, care and gynaecology. In view of the com-ing year ATMOS once again expects a strong growth in sales. Therefore this year 26 new workers began to work for ATMOS and 11 apprienticeship training positions were created.

The ATMOS Academy moved into the new rooms of the adjacent ATMOS villa. The directors from the ATMOS subsidiaries, the sales personnel from all over Germany and the staff from the headquarters in Lenzkirch had the opportunity to view the villa for the first time. The tedious reconstruction measures have been completed and now the historic building looks fantastic.
In the future the villa will be used as a training centre. The training room in the ground floor is equipped with the most modern meet-ing technology. The exhibition rooms of the 4 business ranges are situated on the 1st floor. They are practical, bright and friendly rooms.
As soon as the building measures are completed at the one end of the premises, they will start again at the other end. Escalating sales and an increase in the number of staff call for a larger opera-tional area. The result will be 1,500 m² new production area, so ATMOS will then have 10,000 m² office and production area.