biolitec presents new laser therapies for bladder cancer and veterinary medicine at the MEDICA 2022


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biolitec presents new laser therapies for bladder cancer and veterinary medicine at the MEDICA 2022

Jena, November 08, 2022 - Every year, companies from all over the world present their medical technology products at the MEDICA in Düsseldorf. But this year it will be especially exciting at booth H46 in hall 10, because there the laser pioneer biolitec will give insight into its latest innovations and therapies. And there are quite a few of them in 2022: The innovative TULA laser therapy, which recently delivered excellent study results, a new laser and even a completely new field of application, because biolitec's minimally invasive laser therapies are now also used in veterinary medicine. 

Just a few weeks ago, the TULA laser procedure (Trans-Urethral Laser Ablation) for the removal of bladder tumors was able to shine in a prospective randomized non-inferiority study. For the Danish research team led by Gyrithe Lynghøj Pedersen, this shows that the laser procedure is on a par with the gold standard TUR-B (transurethral resection of the bladder) using an electric snare. The researchers particularly emphasize the advantage that no general anesthesia is required for removal by laser, making the outpatient procedure even gentler for the patient.1 The excellent results and the practical aspects, such as excellent hemostasis even in patients on blood-thinning medication and the fact that the procedure can be used several times, have convinced renowned urologists in Germany and abroad. The TULA fiber is used as well as the handy LEONARDO Mini Dual diode laser, which is available for the first time this year with 16 watts.

16 watts of power now make the low-cost laser even more attractive for other disciplines as well: For example, in ENT, almost every common laser procedure can now be performed with just a single device - and from now on, not just for humans. The LEONARDO Mini DUAL is also ideal for laser treatments on small animals such as dogs and cats. As a result, procedures such as shortening an excessively long soft palate can now also be performed particularly gently using lasers. biolitec's innovative laser systems are also suitable for larger animals. With the LEONARDO DUAL 45 or the LEONARDO DUAL 100, for example, diseases such as unilateral laryngeal paralysis in horses can be treated very well.2 Furthermore, laser treatments can also be used in numerous other veterinary fields such as urology and gynecology.

In the field of (human) gynecology, biolitec has developed the LaEvita handpieces in small, medium and large. These are the appropriate tools for vaginal application in women with vaginal athrophy or mild stress urinary incontinence. LaEvita laser therapy, unlike other laser procedures in this area, is a treatment that does not involve ablation or tissue destruction, but simply irradiates the area with the gentle laser light of the LEONARDO Mini Dual or LEONARDO DUAL 45. This stimulates collagen production. Vaginal elasticity and hydration are restored, and vascularization of the vaginal mucosa is improved.

In addition, there are not only new lasers and handpieces, but also new laser fibers. For the treatment of varicose veins, biolitec has now developed the ELVeS Radial 2ring Swift, a fiber that can be used to treat not only the truncal veins but also their lateral veins and perforating veins. This means that complicated vein courses can be treated without changing fibers.

You want to get to know even more innovations of biolitec? Visit biolitec at booth H46 in hall 10 and at and discover the latest studies, videos and information for your field!

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