The ASEPTOR Basics INOX version


Ultraviol sp. j. Pietras Purgal Wojcik

The ASEPTOR Basics INOX version

The ASEPTOR Basics INOX version is our newest variant of the device from the ASEPTOR Basic series. This germicidal lamp with its body constructed from acid-proof steel is intended to use in operating theaters and patient rooms, in laboratories, emergency rooms, waiting rooms, corridors, and all clusters of people. It can also work in kindergartens, nurseries, schools, and offices. Thanks to its solid workmanship and its durability, it will prove itself in difficult conditions. The high microbicidal effectiveness of Aseptor is confirmed by independent studies carried out at the Institute
of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology by prof. Wacław Dąbrowski in Łódź.

Aseptor guarantees a constant and high level of air disinfection from viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, and any other microorganisms.

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