Rhinostics Launches the VERIstic™ to Redefine Small Volume Blood Collection


Rhinostics, Inc.

Rhinostics Launches the VERIstic™ to Redefine Small Volume Blood Collection

Novel Automated Design Enables Comfortable Home and Clinic Based Blood Collection with Robotic High-Throughput Processing

Rhinostics introduces another breakthrough in automated sample collection technologies with the launch of the patent-pending VERIstic™ Collection Device focused on small volume blood collection. The VERIstic is ideal for use in at-home and clinician-assisted collection methods and is a highly efficient, high-throughput replacement for antibody, hormone and protein detection, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), dried blood spot (DBS) cards, genetic testing, clinical trials, and other applications enabled by a simple finger prick collection.

“We’re very excited to bring this truly unique and simple innovation to the blood collection market,” said Cheri Walker, PhD, President and CEO of Rhinostics. “Finally, patients and clinicians can be assured of comfortable metered blood collection, where the clear capillary allows the collector to monitor collection and laboratories gain consistent blood collection combined with cost and time-saving efficiencies during processing through automated decapping and robotic sample processing.”

This first of its kind collection device combines tried-and-true capillary blood collection with an integrated, automation-ready cap to save time, money, and hassles in a hands-free workflow when the sample reaches the laboratory. For patients and clinicians, the collection is rapid, simple, and comfortable. Once the finger is pricked with a lancet, 50 µL of blood is instantly wicked up the unique and patent-pending 3-sided capillary tube. The tube is screwed into its matching transport tube for shipment to the laboratory. When it reaches the laboratory, 96 samples can be accessioned in seconds through 2D barcodes located on the transport tube bottom followed by robotic decapping of the samples, rapid elution of the sample, and automated liquid handling technologies. With gentle agitation, blood elutes from the capillary tube and is immediately ready for processing while lab technicians are free to focus their attention elsewhere. The VERIstic enables efficient, hands-free and low labor workflows.

VERIstic is suited for a range of applications including other small volume body fluids, blood monitoring, wound care, clinical trials, and a number of home- or clinic-based sample collection needs. Rhinostics will mark the global debut of this device at the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo to be held July 26-28 in Chicago, IL.

About Rhinostics

Rhinostics is at the forefront of revolutionizing sample collection. As a spin-out company from Harvard University and Wyss Institute, we are taking a radical new approach to sample collection device design and function. We recognize that many automated microplate-based workflows are encumbered by manual steps at the workflow’s beginning, and aim to develop and commercialize elegant, automated collection devices to break through these bottlenecks. Using our advanced collection device technologies such as the RHINOstic® Automated Swab, test kit manufacturers can empower comfortable yet high-end patient experiences with abundant and clean sample yields for tests from lateral flow to microfluidics; all while boosting profits and differentiating their brand. Test processing laboratories conducting sensitive assays from traditional PCR to LAMP or antigen testing and more gain 10x sample throughput compared to manual workflows for cost-effective and robust assay performance even when working with difficult samples; with labor reductions of 80+%, even during times of surging demand. Rhinostics aids testing workflows during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond – in areas like respiratory disease, genomics, STDs, forensic and much more. Rhinostics continues to innovate, launching the novel VERIstic™ Collection Device and with a development pipeline of improved sample collection devices that are purpose-built for their application combined with automation enablement. Rhinostics products are registered as Class I exempt medical devices with the U.S. FDA and may be used for clinical collection upon CLIA validation. In 2022, Rhinostics received a Bronze Edison Award in the COVID-19 Innovations, Testing Solutions category for the RHINOstic Automated Swab. To learn more, visit https://www.rhinostics.com.

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